A Bowl Of Lemons

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It makes life interesting… what you might see may be completely different from what I might see. Often I will ask someone if they see this or that in a cloud or rock formation and often times they do not see at all what I am seeing.  I find this extremely fascinating & love learning what others view through their pair of eyes!

It is like that bowl of lemons I have written about before… that art class I attended at a very young age, taught  by artist, Earl Linderman. We were instructed  to draw or paint a bowl of lemons placed on a wooden table in the center of the room.  A beautiful still life would hopefully emerge on our paper.  I was hesitant to begin, concerned I was not going to paint it “right”….. what if my painting didn’t look like those lemons so beautifully arranged in that bowl? The wise words Mr. Linderman gently said to me that day have stuck with me over the years… he told me to paint them “exactly as I see them” as that is, “the right way”! Those words were an incredible gift to a young artist and so lovingly received!  And so I did, I painted that bowl of  lemons through my eyes!

Give it a try, take the time to look around and see, really see the detail in your day… the colors, the textures, the shapes, the nuances, the so-called imperfections.  Be still and open to it, allowing yourself to really take in your surroundings.  You may just get the urge to paint “a bowl of lemons” … exactly as you see it… and oh how beautiful it will be!

♥️ Jana



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