Backyard Love

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Flowers are a gift to the senses!  Blooms have always fascinated me… I love planting them, arranging them, giving them, smelling them, painting them!  Flowers & greens plucked from backyard trees and shrubs are my favorite…arranging them in the hand as they are trimmed …organic and simple…from the backyard with love!

xo, Jana



Listen To It Grow

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Taking the time in our busy lives to slow things down, to reflect, to observe, to go inside & listen carefully is a gift we give to ourselves and those around us.

…Life’s been moving oh so fast
I think we should take it slow
Rest our heads upon the grass
And listen to it grow…

Song: “Splendor In The Grass“ /Storm Large & Pink Martini

A029E873-6781-44CD-AB9C-2D01B8018929Photo: The little adobe home, Phoenix/ 1965


Shed Like A Dog

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Recently, while out on a walk, I met a sweet pup and his kind human.  As I was admiring the dog’s beautiful soft brown coat, the owner says,  “I love my dog but he sheds horribly.”  I responded, “I like to look at dog shedding as emitting magical fibers of unconditional love and an abundance of sunshine spreading!”

To keep my art career going strong, I pet sit on the side, getting my dog fix with each of my sweet furry clients.  Dogs make me smile and laugh, providing such an endearing tenderness that is so good for the soul!  I have to believe that dogs wake every morning thinking this is going to be a great and adventurous day with lots of love to share… and of course, wanting to know when breakfast will be served!

Imagine if we all ventured out there each day like a dog… emitting those magical fibers of unconditional love, kindness, sunshine and beautiful thoughts… what a peace-filled happy world it would be!  So the next time you find dog hair a nuisance, think of these magical fibers as a gift….then get out there and shed like a dog!

xo, Jana

Taking in the early morning sun, contemplating our adventures for the day!





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A Phoenix Suns fan since the Coliseum and short shorts days! Love our Suns! Sending good mojo out into the Valley….

Let‘s GO SUNS!!


Suns Love…

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Exciting day in The Valley Of The Sun…

!!!Go Suns!!!



The Cactus Crown

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Spring in the desert is magical! The colors are spectacular: yellows, oranges, pinks, sage and vibrant greens! The wildlife, like the Chuckwalla with his orange stripe along his back, are sunning on the warm rocks. The blanket of bright yellow wild flowers are as far as the eye can see. The stately Quail and the spunky Cactus Wren are singing, inviting us into their desert home to take in all the beauty! And the warm bright sun shining down over it all…truly magical… there is a freshness in the air!

The cacti like the Ocotillo, Prickly Pear and Cholla are adorned like desert royalty with stunning blooms that seem to pop-up overnight.  With every spring comes a fresh start, a glimpse of how truly spectacular Mother Nature is… gently reminding us of the resiliency and strength we all have within!

Happy Spring!

xo, Jana




Betty & Bill

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She taught me how to sew,  he taught me how to drive a golf cart. She graced me with her wisdom , he with his sense of humor. They, Betty & Bill, are my grandparents and while I was very young when they passed on, my memories are strong!

Some called her Elizabeth, some called her Betty but I called her Grandmommy…maker of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies & peach pie on the planet … and  she, was a strong and tough cookie, being the youngest of eight siblings. Hard work and responsibility were at the top of the list of household duties. Creative & talented she was, with her watercolor art and maker of copper plates and kettles. An amazing seamstress too…making my tennis dresses & nightgowns and outfits for me, my sister and cousins …teaching me how to sew on her pedal-driven singer sewing machine was a thrill! She loved to entertain: dinner parties, bridge groups … always adding those special touches,  like hand painted place cards that made her guests feel welcome. She had a green thumb, loving flowers, always growing beautiful violets and roses.

The kindest man you will ever meet, Granddaddy Bill. He taught me card tricks, magic tricks, shared jokes and how to steer the golf cart straight. I can still hear his jovial laugh and see that twinkle in is eye! He was a hard-working, dedicated man and had a kind word for all he came across in his day.

A glamorous woman Betty was, making sure she had the perfect earrings on to match her beautiful dresses or pant suits, along with a bit of lip color to polish off the outfit. Always put together and full of glam!  She kept in shape by stretching every morning and swimming laps in the community pool.   He, always dapper, loving her on his arm as they would enter a party, always coordinating his tie with her outfit…a darling couple , complementing each other beautifully.

I see a little bit of each of them in me … forever in my heart, this petite but mighty woman & this jovial kind man …Betty & Bill to most,  but always Grandmommy & Granddaddy to me.

xo Jana




Hello “White Poppies”

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It is always fun to visit my work and the lovely people who own it. This piece is titled “White Poppies”, painted in 2010 and sold at my first art show.  The family has a spectacular art collection and I am honored to be one of the represented artists on display in their beautiful home!



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There are times we are the givers and times we are the receivers…this is the beautiful rhythm of life! With every new day comes the opportunity to spread kindness, to give. Giving comes in so many forms …it doesn’t matter the big or small of it … even something as simple as a smile and friendly hello can have a big impact on someone’s life!

Spreading kindness brings me great joy, knowing that I have brightened someone’s day brings a warmth to my heart. When it comes to being on the receiving end, I have learned how important it is to others to accept their kind offerings. I often have found myself thinking “I can do this all on my own… I don’t want to bother anyone”.  My brother once shared with me this important thought: “Don’t deny others the joy of giving  … you know the beauty in this.”  We will all need help at times in our life and accepting acts of kindness blesses all hearts involved.

This past year I have been the recipient of such incredible kindness! I am deeply touched by the beautiful souls who have come along my side. Thank you with all of my heart… I  receive with gratitude, your lovely acts of kindness!

And so, the beautiful rhythm of giving and receiving continues…with grateful hearts and love abound!

love, Jana




Do What You Love

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…. it makes the universe sing!




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