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There are times we are the givers and times we are the receivers…this is the beautiful rhythm of life! With every new day comes the opportunity to spread kindness, to give. Giving comes in so many forms …it doesn’t matter the big or small of it … even something as simple as a smile and friendly hello can have a big impact on someone’s life!

Spreading kindness brings me great joy, knowing that I have brightened someone’s day brings a warmth to my heart. When it comes to being on the receiving end, I have learned how important it is to others to accept their kind offerings. I often have found myself thinking “I can do this all on my own… I don’t want to bother anyone”.  My brother once shared with me this important thought: “Don’t deny others the joy of giving  … you know the beauty in this.”  We will all need help at times in our life and accepting acts of kindness blesses all hearts involved.

This past year I have been the recipient of such incredible kindness! I am deeply touched by the beautiful souls who have come along my side. Thank you with all of my heart… I  receive with gratitude, your lovely acts of kindness!

And so, the beautiful rhythm of giving and receiving continues…with grateful hearts and love abound!

love, Jana




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