Monday Morning

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The sunrise is peeking through my window blinds, gently nudging me to wake. It is the last day of August and it has been a hot one! I glance at my phone, could this really be today’s forecast? I roll out of bed & hop on my cruiser, the morning greeting me with a 79 degree soft breeze. I giggle, thinking it is almost sweater weather here in AZ… well, okay, that may be a bit of a stretch!

I ride by all of the sweet desert critters I usually see on my route and smile, bidding them all a happy morning. I approach the glistening golf greens where quite a few eager golfers are swinging away. A hummingbird flutters in front of me, almost as if to show me the way. Riding into the sunrise, I continue east.

It is time to turn around and begin my journey back home, the sun now warming my shoulders. Rounding the bend, I spot a pretty lady wearing a breezy blue floral dress. She appears to be enjoying the mountain view. Her face, soft aglow with the morning sun as she stares off into the distance. I stop for a water break and I say hello. We chat for a few moments talking about the nice change of weather, the sparse monsoons of the summer, and how thankful we are to live in such an incredible place. And then, she pauses and says, “We must always, each and every day, take in and appreciate this beauty.” “Oh my, yes,” I say. “Thank you for allowing me to share this moment with you on this glorious morning.” We sit in silence, allowing our senses to soak it all in. I then wish her a happy rest of her day. She smiles, and wishes me the same.

As I ride away, the pretty lady in her breezy blue floral dress stays behind, continuing to enjoy the morning on her cruiser… a wheelchair. Blessings to you beautiful lady! Thank you for blessing me with your lovely presence & the joyful reminder to appreciate the beauty all around us on this early Monday morning, and every day!



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