Moving Forward

Posted on Jul 23, 2020 | 2 Comments

We are living in confusing and tough times with unknowns and emotions abound, trying to navigate the best we can. How we personally get through this strange place we find ourselves in looks different for each one of us. My heart goes out to all!

Personally, I have had to dig deep these past few months striving to stay open-minded while being closed-off from the world around me. A few meltdowns have occurred when I allowed fear to take over but through loving friends, I was gently reminded to keep the faith. With everything that is swirling around us right now, I pray that what finally lands and sticks is empathy, love, strength, patience, kindness, clarity & light for all of humanity. I hold on to the belief that there is a grander and a more magnificent plan in the works than we could ever imagine! So I keep moving forward and when this world can fully “open back up”, hopefully even stronger than ever before, I will be ready to face it with a fresh perspective and clearer understanding of my place here on this vast earth.

I believe as humans we are here to help one another, encourage one another and with that comes a vulnerability…. sharing that personal side, the real & the raw, the joys & the fears, the challenges & the successes. My next few blog posts will give a look into my creative journey, my creative process, and the raw emotions that accompany it all. My hope is you will take comfort in my writings & perhaps be inspired to tap into that creative place within yourself… yes, it is there, just waiting to arise and release! We have had to be close to our thoughts over these past few months…we must be gentle with ourselves, taking good care of our tender souls!

I have always loved shadow images. There is a subtle strength, serenity, grace and softness there… a place of stillness, healing and reflecting. Then, as we move out of the shadows, a boldness, a flood of light, a clearer vision appears as we move forward…

Stay tuned for, “The Artist ~ How It Begins”.




  1. Brooke Wilson
    July 30, 2020

    My Dear friend Jana: what a gifted writer!!!

    • admin
      July 31, 2020

      Thank you dear Brookey ~ for your kind words, love & beautiful friendship! ♥️


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