Ode To The Skirt

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“Power to the skirt!”, I hear from across the desert hiking trail. I see a woman and a man making their way toward me.  Looking down at my hiking skirt I respond, “Yes, power to the skirt”, then looking up with a smile, wondering to myself if she meant what I meant.

I have always embraced my femininity, not by just what I wear but how I feel inside about being a woman. But, there is something about a skirt: A-line, Pencil, Pleated, Maxi, Mini, Tennis… in cotton, denim, leather, linen, wool, tweed, silk or dry wicking poly …whatever the style or type of fabric, I feel even stronger in my femininity while wearing one. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I do love a great pair of jeans worn with a great pair of boots, but there is just something about the softness and beauty of this flowy type garment.  In a skirt, I feel pretty, soft, lovely, strong…

Growing-up, I was perhaps, one would call a “feminine tomboy”, wearing tennis dresses or skirts often with ribbons in my hair while hitting killer forehands. My grandmother would sew tennis dresses for me adorned with eyelet lace trim on her Singer, pedal driven, sewing machine.  I was often underestimated in my athletic skill due to my ladylike look and modest build, maybe that was my secret strategy!  In all of my athletic endeavors, the tender would shine, making it feel awesome to be a female first with a side of athleticism.

While I am not exactly sure what “power to the skirt” meant to the hiker that day, I hold on to what it means to me…..I celebrate my femininity by humbly and confidently embracing it. I am proud to be female & let my womanhood shine!  I am proud to wear a skirt and sing praises to this true symbol of femininity.  So maybe instead of ‘power to the skirt’ I could have responded, “Ode to the skirt”… where would women’s  beautiful legs be without them!  :).
♥️, Jana


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