Paint The World Pink

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Gratitude is a beautiful and powerful expression of love! Gratitude can be expressed in many ways: in a symbol, in a practice, how we think, in words and in our actions. This expression of love expands hearts, reaching deep, having the power to transform lives! We can express gratitude to the earth, to the animals, to ourselves, to each other!

It makes sense that the color pink is associated with this beautiful expression, as pink also represents love. Pink is a calming, happy, peaceful color… a color that has always spoken to me. The color pink makes an appearance in each of my paintings, whether it be incognito or right there in plain sight, pink is always present, sending a gratefulness vibe out into the world.

I strive to paint the days pink, showing my gratitude, even when struggles arrive. My heart is grateful for this life that has been blessed upon me and all of the animals, nature & amazing people in it… keeping my heart open to  that beautiful, soft and gentle pink color, shining it upon others so they may know what a blessing they are to me and to the world! Imagine a world painted pink…a beautiful & glorious gratitude-filled world!

xo, Jana

4E66103C-CCE7-4D8C-8B4F-09D1C91968BBphoto credit: Pinterest


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