Shine Bright!

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A new year is upon us and while I am not a resolution maker, I do like to reflect. I reflect on what has served my soul well, allowing me to be the best me I can be. I have found that when we honor the soul, we shine bright, positively affecting those around us. Sometimes, we may not even be aware of the beautiful impact we have had on others!

I will be a forever work in progress, so I like to call my reflections, “I will continue to strive to’s.”  I share with you here, my top 12 as I make my way into 2021.

I will continue to strive to…

♥️live each day with gratitude & view every moment of every day as a gift.

♥️handle inevitable life challenges with grace & dignity.

♥️always leave people better than I found them.

♥️learn & grow, recognizing  mistakes will be made along the way.

♥️be thoughtful to all those around me by listening intently and expressing kindness.

♥️keep in mind that everyone is on a different life journey.

♥️cherish the wisdom of others, of all ages.

♥️honor my intuition &  listen to my heart.

♥️be in the moment, taking in the blessings that live all around.

♥️never take for granted the roof over my head, food on my table and the family & friends by my side.

♥️remember that strength isn’t always a roar &  that laughter is the best medicine.

♥️be grateful for & honor the gift of the creative world my dad shared with me as a child by continuing to write, paint, create from my heart & soul … hoping it will inspire and touch the hearts & souls of others.

Happy New Year to all! May you shine bright in 2021…and beyond!

♥️, Jana

EC679F32-9C20-41DA-A4D5-D78E125090DAA Flower For My Princess, Acrylic on Canvas ~ William F. Tull, 1971

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