The Gift Of Self-Love

Posted on Sep 5, 2022 | No Comments

As we experience art forms, our souls become awakened! Stirring the senses by exploring whatever may arise is a gift we give to ourselves… it is about being in the moment which leads to a lovely mellow wandering. It is about being open to new ideas & having fun …exploring without judgement, only grace… it is the art of surprise or most commonly known as, intuitive art.

At first, it may feel a bit like walking barefoot in the desert, heading into a rough unknown. But once the soul is introduced and awakened to the experience, there is a freeing & openness that occurs…just like the desert after a soft summer rain.

It is an honor to assist in this exploration, as I provide the gentle balance of teaching & holding space… allowing curiosity and surprise to take over. There is no right or wrong … what emerges from the heart & soul, out through the hand, is pure perfection.

Uniquely and thoughtful crafted, I offer individual and group sessions for youth & adults  ….in a private home, on a mountain, in a garden, under the moon, in a park, at a party, in the desert, under a tree, by the sea…. the possibilities are endless. I look forward to exploring the art of surprise with you! Let’s go wandering, barefoot in the desert…refreshing & revitalizing the soul… a beautiful gift of self love!

With Love & Gratitude,





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