Summer Wanderings

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As summer comes to a close & glimpses of fall appear, I reflect upon these past few months and I am thankful for the journey.  I embrace it all: the wonder, the u-turns, the excitement, the steep climbs, the joy, the sadness, the laughter, the tears, the awe, the memories. The beauty in wandering became even more clear to me, as I found myself deeply rooted no matter where I was planted.

During my travels, my senses & soul were ignited by: the stillness of sitting by a river watching as the sun danced upon the water, the picking of a sun-ripened apple from a sturdy apple tree branch, the smell of soup made from fresh greens curling through the air,  the witnessing of the unique art forms in nature, the organic gardening in soil as rich as hot chocolate, the dark starry nights exploding with bursts of light, the silence & tranquility standing in a field of pinto bean plants as far as the eye could see, the animals playing & dancing freely, the rainbows magically appearing after a gentle rain, the handsome mountains and pretty white clouds in the distance as if an artist had painted them there….

As I make my way back home, the windows are rolled down…I am belting out my favorite tunes…. breathing in, breathing out, this wandering experience. The interesting people met along the way, some with stories to share, others simply sharing a glance and a smile.  The gracious and loving hospitality, warmth, wisdom & hugs from dear friends ….the gratitude overflows!  I re-enter now, grateful for what I have experienced, encouraged by what I have learned, and excited for what is yet to come!  Summer Wanderings 2022,  thank you for the magic!
xo, Jana

Summer Wanderings, 2022

Summer Wanderings, 2022


The Gift Of Self-Love

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As we experience art forms, our souls become awakened! Stirring the senses by exploring whatever may arise is a gift we give to ourselves… it is about being in the moment which leads to a lovely mellow wandering. It is about being open to new ideas & having fun …exploring without judgement, only grace… it is the art of surprise or most commonly known as, intuitive art.

At first, it may feel a bit like walking barefoot in the desert, heading into a rough unknown. But once the soul is introduced and awakened to the experience, there is a freeing & openness that occurs…just like the desert after a soft summer rain.

It is an honor to assist in this exploration, as I provide the gentle balance of teaching & holding space… allowing curiosity and surprise to take over. There is no right or wrong … what emerges from the heart & soul, out through the hand, is pure perfection.

Uniquely and thoughtful crafted, I offer individual and group sessions for youth & adults  ….in a private home, on a mountain, in a garden, under the moon, in a park, at a party, in the desert, under a tree, by the sea…. the possibilities are endless. I look forward to exploring the art of surprise with you! Let’s go wandering, barefoot in the desert…refreshing & revitalizing the soul… a beautiful gift of self love!

With Love & Gratitude,





A Beautiful Day!

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Today, I ventured out to my brother’s favorite Pacific Coast beach spot, Leo Carrillo, in western Malibu. As I sat looking out at the gorgeous sparkling waves crashing upon the rock and rolling on to the shore, I felt as though I had been here before…even before my brother had introduced me to this magical place. And then it came to me, I had, been here before, hundreds of times, only it was in a movie theatre and in front of a tv screen. If you wait for the popcorn to pop you might miss the intro …as the movie, Grease opens with a scene set at Leo Carrillo Beach…the tune, Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing, plays in the background. And so, in awe of it all, today I sat, with love, sadness & peace in my heart, honoring my brother and Olivia, two kind & tender souls that blessed me and countless others with their presence …now flying free!  It was a beautiful day!




A Story To Tell

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We all have a story to tell, unfolding as we live out our day-to-day. Sharing our own stories and listening to others share theirs…the real, the raw & the fun parts of our lives. And then, when our journey this time around on this earth comes to a close, the stories live on in the memories of our loved ones and get passed along for generations to come. It is an honor to know a life so well that you have special memories to hold on to…a beautiful story to tell!


In loving memory of my brother, Bill  (1951 ~ 2022)


Art & Soul

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“You use a glass mirror to see your face;

you use works of art to see your soul”

~ Shaw


The Strawberry Moon

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The Strawberry Moon brings an energy that invites us to pursue new horizons and embrace change.  It does the soul good to pause and take in this supermoon magical moment in time, connecting us to the beauty that surrounds us from far far away. If you haven’t set your eyes on the Strawberry Moon, June 2022,  you still have time this evening to catch a glimpse… it might just take your breath away!

A6F81205-A016-48BD-8A38-98431E5AEEBFphoto credit: Wish


The Beach

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In this photo (1966),  are a few of my favorite things: summertime, the beach, being barefoot, a sand pail & the color pink! It is that happy and breezy feeling!

Happy, carefree, summer days!

Love, Jana



My Greatest Joy!

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The moment I held them in my arms, I felt it … these tiny lives had been entrusted upon me.  I gave it my all…granted I didn’t always get it right but I learned & I loved! The greatest joy in my life is having been blessed with the gift of raising two amazing, intelligent, beautiful, strong, kind, fun, wise, talented daughters ….grown now to be beautiful & strong women and the joy continues! I love you my beautiful girls, with all of my heart! xo, Mom

Happy Mother’s Day! With Love!



The Garden

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The colors, the textures, the real organic flavors…the miracle of all the beautiful edible plants found of this earth that are right here for the taking.  Each plant providing different nutrients, creating a delicate balance, perfect for keeping our bodies nourished and in good health. Truly magical when you really stop & think about it!

From a friend’s organic garden this morning…love!



The Candy Store

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When we were young, my cute friend often invited me to her parents’ cabin in Iron Springs. A charming area in Prescott, AZ that seemed to turn back the clock… think Mayberry. But to a kid, it was simply a fun place to explore and …just be a kid! I remember the car ride on my first visit … my friend giving me the lowdown on what fun we were about to have… “and then there is the candy store”, she told me, “where you can get any kind of candy you want!”

With piggy bank change in our pockets, we would venture out for the day. Our outings included: rock climbing, collecting nature‘s treasures for craft projects, swinging on the playset and of course, visiting the local Iron Springs Store, which the young visitors appropriately named, “The Candy Store”. Jolly Ranchers and Pixy Stix were among the favorites. After carefully selecting the sweet treats for the day, out the screen door we would fly to the old train caboose located close by. This was our hideout, a place to giggle and eat tons of candy without the grown-ups around. Those were sweet & carefree days!

As I grew older, the candy store became the art store and just like that nostalgic place in the pines, this store has me gathering sweet treats, like yummy paint colors, velvety paintbrushes & beautiful blank canvases.  I often think of those days in Iron Springs with my cute friend and the joy that down-to-earth place brought to our young lives… the wildly free feeling of creating our day as we traveled along the dirt path daydreaming and simply just being… the same feeling that comes over the grown-up me when visiting the art supply store and then taking that first brushstroke on a fresh canvas….in my studio, my hideaway … just being & painting, sometimes until dawn.

♥️, Jana

Watercolor by: Ann McEachron

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