Shed Like A Dog

Posted on Apr 30, 2023 | No Comments

Recently, while out on a walk, I met a sweet pup and his kind human.  As I was admiring the dog’s beautiful soft brown coat, the owner says,  “I love my dog but he sheds horribly.”  I responded, “I like to look at dog shedding as emitting magical fibers of unconditional love and an abundance of sunshine spreading!”

To keep my art career going strong, I pet sit on the side, getting my dog fix with each of my sweet furry clients.  Dogs make me smile and laugh, providing such an endearing tenderness that is so good for the soul!  I have to believe that dogs wake every morning thinking this is going to be a great and adventurous day with lots of love to share… and of course, wanting to know when breakfast will be served!

Imagine if we all ventured out there each day like a dog… emitting those magical fibers of unconditional love, kindness, sunshine and beautiful thoughts… what a peace-filled happy world it would be!  So the next time you find dog hair a nuisance, think of these magical fibers as a gift….then get out there and shed like a dog!

xo, Jana

Taking in the early morning sun, contemplating our adventures for the day!




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